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Redco™ Kiln Wheel Bushings provide an essential benefit to sawmills with large dry kilns by allowing carts to move freely through the mill. Redwood Plastics & Rubber supplies kiln wheel bushings in three grades:

Redco™ Blue Kiln Wheel Bushings

Standard Redco™ blue nylon kiln wheel bushings are a cost-effective and proven solution. Made from heat-stabilized nylon, they are built to handle long drying periods in the kiln.

Redco™ Hi-Temp Yellow Kiln Wheel Bushings

Redco™ Hi-Temp Yellow kiln wheel bushings are a premium kiln wheel bushing that boast significant durability thanks to its proprietary additives. With an increased lifespan and smoother cart movement, the yellow bushings essentially pay for themselves. These bushings are designed as a premium alternative for the standard Redco™ blue nylon kiln wheel bushings.

Redco™ Phenolic Kiln Wheel Bushings

Phenolic kiln wheel bushings are built for high-load (36,000lbs+) applications and extremely cold conditions. Due to phenolic’s fairly high coefficient of friction, it is recommended to put a grease groove in the bushing for the best results.