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Torzeal™ Seals

Redco™ Dynamex™ Torzeal™ is a product family of custom molded elastomeric seals, mainly used for dam gates and similar hydro applications. All products are custom designed and specifically molded for unique applications. A range of standard profiles is available, such as “J” or Centre Bulb Seals with pre-designed corners and transitions are available.
At Redwood Plastics and Rubber we are convinced that it is critical for dam gates to only rely on molded seal segments, and to eliminate the use of extruded profiles, for following reasons:

  • Quality and physical properties of seams and splices of extruded seals are inferior to those of molded seals and can cause premature failure.
  • Dimensional tolerances of molded parts are significantly tighter than of extruded parts.
  • Rubber compounds for molding applications are available with premium grade physical properties which are hard to achieve with compounds for extrusion.
  • Redwood Plastics and Rubber carefully selected a premium natural rubber compound for its Redco™ Dynamex™ Torzeal™ products which is specifically tested for these applications.

Performance and physical data are monitored to guarantee the required long service life, exceptional durability and functionality of the product.
Dome, bulb, “J” or “P” seals can also be provided with 1.5mm (typically) black or white Redco™ PTFE to increase the life of the seal and reduce the energy consumption that is created by water flow friction and abrasion. Redco™ PTFE also reduces the potential for the seal to “contact bond” to steel closure. Furthermore, steel bars can be vulcanized to the rubber seal which provides higher bond strength than cold bonding rubber to steel. In general, bond strength of our splices and vulcanized connections are in the range of the original rubber material strength.

We can custom manufacture the following products: 


*Products above not in inventory

Redco™ Dynamex™ Torzeal™ are most often manufactured with Natural Rubber, EPDM or Neoprene. Natural Rubber has excellent mechanical properties however, for applications with extended periods of sunlight, we recommend Redco™ EPDM, Redco™ Neoprene or a blend with Natural Rubber.
Redco™ Dynamex™ Torzeal™ has high tensile strength, high tear resistance, good abrasion resistance, low water resistance, good resistance to gases or fluids and excellent weathering resistance.