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Redco MD Oil

Redco™ Nylon MD-Oil filled is one of the most versatile standard grades of Redco™ Cast Nylon. Redco™ Nylon MD-Oil provides the same high Compressive Strength and Load Bearing properties of MD filled, with all the advantages of a Liquid Lubricant.
Redco™ Nylon MD-Oil is especially suited for High Load – Low RPM applications, but is a superior replacement for MD in many heavy-duty friction generating applications.

  • Higher Compressive Strength
  • Increased Load Bearing Capacity
  • Improved Dimensional Stability
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Reduced Moisture Adsorption
  • Improved Machinability

Standard Color: Dark Navy Blue
Availability: Sheet, Rod, Tube, & Custom Parts



Pillow blocks, trunnion bearings, rope sheaves, pulleys, sprockets, slipper pads, dryer bushings.



Redco™ Nylon MD Oil Tubes