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Transportation & Automotive

Prevent downtime and costly damage with Redco™ Plastic products on production assembly lines, as well as car and truck parts including; bearings, wear liners, shock pads, truck mounts and fifth wheel covers.
Redco™ Plastic products are non-corrosive, reduce wear, and outlast many traditional materials.


Bearings, shock pads, rollers, bushings, cushion stops, isolation pads, trunion bushings, collars, sliders, washers, covers, outriggers pads, sprockets, valve seals, washers, wear plates, pivot bushings, etc.





Redco™ Truck Liners
Redco™ Truck Liners are fusion welded UHMW sheets. Material hang up concerns are eliminated in a variety of environments and applications; including gravel, road cinders, wet and frozen soil, limestone and leaves. Withstanding high impact; two times the wear of steel and four times the wear of aluminum.
Available in Redco™ Tivar® 88, Redco™ Durapro®, Redco™ Matrox™, Redco™ Quicksilver® & Redco™ Titanium. Click here to find out more…
Quicksilver-liner Limestone-truck-liner


Redco™ UHMW Outriggers Pads

  • Lightweight, 1/7th The Weight Of Steel
  • Withstands Loads Up To 3000 psi
  • Retains Its Physical Properties To -80°c
  • Will Not Corrode, Rot, Or Rust
  • High Impact & Wear Resistance
  • Can Withstand Over 1,000,000 Lbs Of Compressive Load

Lighter and longer lasting than plywood or steel, Redco™ UHMW Outrigger Pads stand up to harsh weather and extreme environments to protect you and your equipment from costly accidents. Click here to find out more…

outrigger-pads-machined-groove       outrigger-pads-uhmw


Redco™ Gladiator™ Snowplow Blades

Redco-Gladiator-Snowplow-BladesKeep your fleet of winter maintenance equipment running longer and with less down-time under the harshest conditions. Engineered to exceed rigorous winter conditions, Redco™ Gladiator™ Snow Plow Blades are the right choice.
• Outlasts Steel by up to 400%.
• Resilient Rubber compound adjusts easily to road surface irregularities. Will not gouge asphalt, concrete or tar-gravel surfaces. Rubber blades won’t damage pavement markers.
• Provide quick, clean removal of heavy snow and slush.
• Safer at High-Speed runs. Clearing highways and airport runways in the shortest possible time
• Reduced Impact Shock. Rubber plow blades absorb impact, shock & vibration. Less stress is transmitted to the plow and vehicle resulting in longer life for your fleet.
• Lowered Maintenance Costs. Rubber blades require replacing less frequently than steel blades, resulting in fewer man-hours and less downtime.
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