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Redco 500

An excellent shock absorber, Redco™ 500 combines the qualities of hard and softer urethanes with resistance to impact and wear. Redco™ 500 is able to provide strength and rigidity for angular profiles where softer urethanes would not hold up and it also has one of the best compression-sets for load bearing applications.

Weather Resistant, Cut & Tear Resistant, Impact Resistant, Elasticity
Durometer Hardness: 50D, 95A
Standard Color: Dark Blue



Shock pads, isolation pads, drive couplings and discs, wear plate (abrasion), belt scrapers, deflector plates, roll covers, seals, rollers, couplings, washers, impact wear pads, liner plates, pump liners, valve gates, cleaner cones, sorter hooks, etc.




Redco™ 500 Sprockets & Shovels

Sprockets-Polyurethane Redco-500-shovels