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Redco 750 SXL

Designed for use in shock, sliding, low temperature, and gritty environments. Redco™ 750SXL has excellent self lubricating characteristics which make it ideal for applications which may experience dry running periods.

Durometer Hardness: 75D, 90R
Standard Color: Black


Bearings, bushings, wear plates, channel, liners, seals, hanger bearings, washers, liners, flotation cell parts, retainers, idler bearings, etc.



Redco™ 750 SXL Inserts & Vacuum Seal
Inserts-750-SXL 750SXL-Vacuum-Seal-Ring-Pulp-Mill

Redco™ 750 & 750 SXL Plastic Split Hanger Bearings
Split bearings allow for easier maintenance by simplifying replacement and are frequently used as support bearings for drive and screw-conveyor shafts. Typically, these industrial shafts are enclosed with a housing or conveyor trough. They are also commonly used in veneer and gypsum board dryers and fit all dryer configurations.


Redco™ 750 & 750 SXL Plastic Bushing & Bearing Materials
Durable polymer alloys capable of performing better than brass, bronzeor Babbitt!

  • Self Lubricating
  • Excellent for impact and shock application
  • Exceptional wear life and resistance to corrosion
  • Low temperature resistance to -80°F

Designed specifically for bulk handling, forestry, mining and transportation.

Redco™ 750 Sprockets

  • Mill operating temperatures of -28°C (-18°F) through 40°C (100°F) present no problem for UHMW/PE or Redco™ 750.
  • Redco™ 750 Sprockets are more dimensionally stable and can take higher temperatures (250°F).
  • Redco™ 750 has a specific gravity of 1.3 (sinks in water) vs. UHMW specific gravity of 0.936 (floats in water).

The last two factors making Redco™ 750 Sprockets safe for mills where plastic contamination is a concern are:

  • Better Chain Wear
  • Lighter in Weight than Steel
  • Requires No Bearing/bushing Idlers
  • Helps Eliminate Noise
  • Redco™ 750 has a memory allowing the teeth to hold their pitch better than UHMW.
  • Corrosion, Rust And Chemical Resistant
  • Very Cost Competitive