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Redco Glass Filled

Redco™ Glass Filled is chemically formulated copolymer designed to offer an engineering material with the high tensile and compressive properties of cast nylon, coupled with the impact and wear resistance of polyurethane.
Offered in 3 specific grades, Redco™ Glass Filled has proven successful for the most demanding of industrial applications, and is custom formulated in one of the three following grades:

The unfilled, or “natural” grade of material, is yellow in color and displays exceedingly high impact resistance and tensile properties. For use in environments including: shock, abrasion, vibration, impact, moisture and absorption.

Using the same proprietary process as our Redco™ Nylon Oil, our liquid lubrication impregnated within the polymer chain offers excellent surface lubricity. For use in environments including: increased wear, moisture absorption, and increased abrasion.

The impact resistance of the Redco™ Glass Filled copolymer with the wear resistance of Redco™ SL (solid lubricant) resulting in the longest lasting material for the most aggressive industrial applications. For use in environments including: Extreme wear, extreme abrasion.


Gears, sprockets, power transmission components, extreme outdoor environments, valve seats back-up rings, butterfly valves, stem bushings, bearing blocks, impact pads, torsion couplings, etc.