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Dock Fender

Protecting your Ships & Vessels

Dock Fenders are commonly used as protective fenders for tug boats, workboats and other vessels. The hollow core of the fenders offer higher rates of compression compared to similar solid fenders. They are manufactured with either a circular bore for added wall strength and durability, or D bore for flat bar mounting. The flat back of the fender facilitates the installation on various surfaces for the protection of ships and docks. In addition to standard marine dock fenders, we manufacture a variety of fenders that act as bumpers to protect trucks, loading docks, and commercial properties.

Dock Fender Features

Lightweight, easy maintenance

Excellent Rates of Absorption

Good resistance against UV, Ozone & Seawater

Available pre-drilled, pre-curved & chamfered and cut to specific lengths

Highly Durable Rubber Compound

Dock Fender Applications

  • Marine dock fenders, piers, dolphins
  • Bumpers on tugboats, barges, and workboats
  • Industrial loading ramps
  • Box bumpers for trucks, vans, and trailers
  • General purpose fendering
  • Any area that requires protection from impact