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What people are saying about us:
“I would like to bring to your attention and complement your company and your outside sales representative Dawson Jehn for his great attitude and help that he provides the C&A Group with their plastic requirements.
On the number of occasions that I have asked for pricing requests he has responded quickly and made sure when orders are placed that orders are on time and follows up and communicates with me if deliveries change. Redwood are very lucky to have such an individual representing the company. Thank you.”
Don Muirhead, Operations Manager
C&A Group of Companies

“I want to formally thank Redwood Plastics  for your outstanding Service from the  Prince George Store.
Your Employees Gerry, Tony, Danny go over and above for customer service. All your staff I speak to are very professional, very accurate on delivery dates and number one with product knowledge, regularly I try or order products I do not need and you knowledgeable staff always steer me to what we really need.  I have a lot of very good vendors and very few GREAT ones, your staff is GREAT, We at Carrier greatly value our supplies and consider your company a valuable asset to us.
So again Thank you on behalf of Carrier Group of company’s”
Dan Van Straten, Purchasing Manager
Carrier Forest Products Ltd.

urethane-bushing-deburring-machine“We contacted Redwood Plastics, inquiring about replacing some urethane bushings for our tumble deburring machine. Our sales rep, came and picked up the sample and got drawings the next day. Redwood provided a quote, which was timely because at the end of that week, the tumble deburring machine broke down (the old bushing blew up), and we were in the middle of a big job for one of our customers. There were many emails and phone calls between myself and Redwood to make sure that they got the part right – checking if the hole on the side of the bushing was to go through both walls or just one, and making sure that it was made out of a stronger hardness material – we used Redco 500 (95A).  The part was delivered within 48 hours (on Monday of the next week). We heated up the bushing and installed it on the tumble deburring machine – it fit perfectly!
We saved thousands of dollars – we didn’t have to replace our machine, we had only one day of down-time and we got our customer’s job on time because of Redwood Plastics. I know who to call if I need any more parts for my machines – that’s Redwood Plastics!”
Rob Frank
Humble Manufacturing Company Ltd.

“Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the years of quality service and quality products that we’ve received from your company. We use your products on our machines in areas of extreme abuse, having tremendous success and performance. We know that we can count on Redwood to continue to provide solutions to the ever changing applications we see with our equipment. Thanks again, we look forward to the next challenge with Redwood as a partner.”
MoCo – Engineering & Fabrication Inc.

“Just giving you a six month update after the installation of the Tivar 88 on our reclaim feeders. After talking with oilers and shift foremen, they have agreed that Tivar 88 liners have helped with the flow and cleaning of our reclaim feeders. Here are a few key points that were observed:

  • Feeder motor speeds have decreased due to a decrease in friction.
  • There has been less bridging off and plugging of feeders.
  • Cleaning feeders has become significantly easier and takes less time than before.

We will continue to monitor the condition of these feeders and compare their performance to other feeders within the system without Tivar 88 installed. I thank both of you for taking time to assist and oversee the installation of these initial feeders. Our guys enjoyed working with you and hope to so again in the future.
Blair Collins, CHP Maintenance Planner
SunHills Mining, part of the TransAlta group

“In reference to the Strongwell, Safrail Industrial Handrails that we acquired through Redwood Plastics Corporation, out of Prince George B.C… We, at Atlantic Power Corp., Williams Lake Power Plant purchased and installed these handrails last May 2012. We were looking to secure the area for Fall Protection during our Major Turnarounds. Due to the application of the area, a Cooling Tower Structure, where we have water falling year round we looked at several different materials that we could use/install. The existing outside berm handrail, Steel Tubing, although painted many times, has peeled it’s paint and is again rusting, furthering the costs of upkeep. The Strongwell handrails, acknowledging that they have only been in 5 months still look great, like new and are very solid.  There is no longer any anticipation of deterioration in this application. We found that once delivered in the sections required they were assembled without any difficulty and in a very short timeframe. We have already made plans to upgrade and install more Strongwell Handrails in other areas of our Plantsite. I can highly recommend these Handrails to all who seek a quality product.”
Daryle Pitman, Maintenance Specialist
Williams Lake Power Plant
Atlantic Power

“As I was coming into work this morning I noticed the sludge bin being dumped.  This is the first I have seen since the liner was installed, so was unable to let you know when this was to happen.  Anyway from what I saw it works great – sludge slid out well and left a nice, clean surface behind.  The driver sure appreciates not having to enter the bin any longer to install a plastic sheet.”
Phil Lum

“Just saying hello and giving you some feedback on the Redco Deadplate cushioned back stops we have been using  for 3-4 YEARS that were purchased from you at  redwood plastics.  We have installed these in 4 high impact extremely abusive log and cant handling applications and our maintenance time on repairs has greatly reduced. THANKS FOR COMING UP WITH A SOLUTION WITH A PROBLEM AREA”
John Lowery
Roy O Martin

“I just now had a chance to get inside my truck box and check out the job you did on installing my liner. You have proven beyond any doubt that “People Make The Difference”!!!! You stood behind your product but more importantly – you stood behind your word. So, thank you very much for honoring your warranty and for doing it so well. You will be doing my dump truck and any other truck I may end up with.”
Take care, way to go,

“We have had a working relationship with Redwood since the beginning of 2008, although it was quite sporadic. I myself started utilizing their services approximately 6 months ago. This is mainly due to the fact that I met Mike Langston who is my sales representative is very helpful. He is always trying to help out, to get us to use different products that better suit our needs. And he is always willing to stop by and look at an application if he thinks there is a better way to do it. When there is an issue he is right there to try and rectify the issue. I appreciate all of the hard work that he puts forth and look forward to working with him in the future.”
Gina Kaushakis, Purchaser

“The customer service that I have received from Redwood Plastics is top notch.  Whenever I request product quotes or technical specs, I always get either same day, or next day reply.  Their product pricing is competitive with other vendors that I have available to buy from.  The sales rep that calls upon us is most helpful in product selections, and also making us aware of new products and services that they offer.  I’ve never had an issue with their shipping, delivery, or billing.  When products and pricing are equal, I prefer buying from Redwood Plastics.”
Steve Phillips
Weyerhaeuser Maintenance, Elkin, NC

“Redwood plastics has been do business with Weyerhaeuser Elkin for at least the past 12 years. During this time they have been a great resource for us. They have a large variety of products and a good knowledge of those products. Their pricing is competitive and their products are of good quality. Jimmy Tew calls on the Elkin plant, he has been very helpful in helping us decide which wear strip is best for the application we have. He is very prompt in getting quotes and information back to us. I would recommend Redwood to other Weyerhaeuser plants.”
Tony Harris
Maintenance Planner
Weyerhaeuser Elkin NC

“I have dealt with Redwood Plastics for almost five years now.  I have always been pleased with the service I have received.  Jimmy is especially helpful and if he doesn’t know an answer he is more than willing to go out and find it.  The products they sell have always been exactly what we expected.  They even ask questions on the application of the product you are looking to make sure that you are getting the best product for that application.  I have even been impressed with the service I receive when material come in that aren’t as expected and how they work with you to get those returned.  I have been very pleased with the service and products we purchased from Redwood.”
Jeff Elliott
Weyerhaeuser Elkin NC

“As we have concluded our Maintenance Shutdown here in Grand Prairie, I felt it appropriate to extend to you our appreciation for your support. The level of professionalism demonstrated by your employees was very impressive.
We have completed the planned work, found work and have now returned to full production, all ahead of schedule.
Once again, thank you for participating in our shutdown.”
Mark Cunningham, Site Manager
Grande Prairie OSB
Ainsworth Engineered Canada

“The damping plates were installed on site and everything seems to work fine up to now. The damping plates reduced significantly the bounce back we did observed on our positioning fences.
Thanks again for the quick turn-around in order to provide us with the thicker plates. We will not hesitate to integrate the damping plates on our future design of that kind of equipment.”
Martin Lapointe, ing.
Responsable de l’Ingénierie / Engineering Manager

“Thank you so very much for your kindness and help with the mirrors. Our Child Life Department is THRILLED and the kids are enjoying them already for developmental play.
Thank you, with all our hearts!”
Linda, RN
BC Children’s Hospital