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Rubber Matting


Protivity_Rubber_matting-retailRedwood Plastics and Rubber stocks, fabricates and manufactures a large range of Redco™ Protivity™ Specialty Floor Matting. All matting can be supplied in full roll, sheet and tile format, as well as custom fabricated, bonded or cut-to-fit complex floor geometries.

  • Checkout Comfort
    Used by the nations largest retailers, the Redco™ Checkout Comfort system is engineered to provide comfort and relief for retail employees at point of sale locations or other workstations where continuous standing for periods of time is required. Additionally, the system helps reduce employee strain injuries, slip, trip and fall hazards as well as contributing to a neat and professional looking workspace.
  • Anti-Fatigue
    A durable, non-skid surface over a comfortable cushioning layer. Used in industrial workstations where employee safety and comfort increases productivity and reduces slip, trip and fall risks. Available custom cut-to-size as well as full rolls.
  • EcoMat
    Is an extremely durable yet economical, 100% recycled & vulcanized rubber mat which offers a non-porous, non-absorbent and slip-resistant surface. Used wherever a good blend of impact & wear resistance and employee comfort is required. Finishes include smooth, ribbed, checker-plate and button-top.
  • ShockGuard
    A high-voltage switchboard matting providing a non-conductive, corrugated, insulating surface specially compounded for use as a floor covering. Its sole purpose is to protect workers against electrical shock when working around high voltage apparatus within the product’s rated specifications. Redco™ ShockGuard meets ASTM D-178-81 specification and each order ships with certificate of conformance.
  • WideRib
    Protivity EcoMat - RibbedStandard industrial runner matting with infinite applications. Available in strips and cut-to-size from 1/8” and 1/4” thick rolls. This wear resistant & economical floor covering has a corrugated texture or a diamond checker surface for added traction.
  • Sport Floor
    Performance training requires a stable platform, and Redco™ Protivity™ Sport floor provides an impact resistant cushion for a variety of sports conditioning activities. Widely used in commercial gyms and by professional sports teams, this low-odor, recycled rubber product is a comfortable, smooth-finished floor covering that absorbs high impact from weights and equipment.
  • CargoLock
    A high-friction (>0.8 COF) mat used underneath& between shipping cargo to provide resistance against load shifting and slippage. Redco™ Protivity™ CargoLock is designed in compliance with Transport Canada, DOT and AAR compliance for the securement of road and intermodal shipments. Redco™ Cargolock dramatically reduces load shift while absorbing damaging road vibration.
  • Washrack
    IWashrack Mattingdeal for industrial and commercial sanitizing stations, equipment washdown and other applications where liquids & spills are common. This heavy-gauge matting interlocks and is perforated to allow fluids to drain away, while providing a comfortable and safe non slip surface.