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Redco™ Deadplate

The Ultimate Shock Absorber

Redco™ Deadplate is a high-performance, energy-dissipative grade of polyurethane designed to protect equipment from structural damage and reduce impact noise within your workplace. Redco™ Deadplate possesses a durometer hardness rating of 52A and is commonly used as impact & shock pads, transfer plates, load-bars, cushion pads, dissipator channels, and more. Upon impact, Redco™ Deadplate’s proprietary polyurethane material converts up to 90% of the object’s impact energy into heat that quickly dissipates through the material. Redco™ Deadplate is perfect for tough applications where heavy, high-velocity objects such as logs can wear your equipment down and disrupt the flow of your operations. 

Don’t just take our word for it, watch our real-time demonstration comparing the impact absorption abilities of normal polyurethane and Redco™ Deadplate. 

Redco™ Deadplate Properties

Sturdy and built to last

Energy dissipative

Excellent shock & impact absorption

Exceptional bond to metal

Redco™ Deadplate Featured Application

Redco™ Deadplate is the ultimate shock absorber. Shown below are two examples of a Redco™ Deadplate at work within a sawmill. The high-velocity logs are stopped dead in their tracks before continuing their path on the chain bed.  This eliminates structural damage, reduces noise and disruptions, and protects the surrounding equipment. All of these combined benefits will make your operations run smoother with fewer costly repairs in the long-run.

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