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Rubber & Urethane Rollers

Versatility meets Reliability 

Redwood Plastics and Rubber provides roll recovering, regrinds & new builds in a wide variety of materials, including nitrile, neoprene, silicone, hypalon, SBR, EPDM, butyl, natural, ebonite, urethane, performance plastics and FDA Compliant Materials. We can produce rubber and urethane rollers up to 200″ in length and 21″ in diameter entirely in-house.

For end-users seeking a fast, skilled supplier to repair and re-build their existing rollers or OEM’s looking for a reliable partner for building new pulleys & wheels, Redwood Plastics and Rubber is the leading manufacturer of high-quality lagged rollers.

  • Standard TIR +/- 0.003”
  • Standard Taper +/- 0.005”
  • Standard Durometer Tolerance +/- 5
  • Standard Durometer range 20A – 80D

We are very skilled at achieving the finish you require on any of our materials in any durometer. We can offer anything from a smooth wrapped un-machined finish for conveyor applications all the way up to an ultra-polished finish for packaging or film production.

Recovered Roller
Redwood Plastics & Rubber is proud to offer our Redco-a-Roller Program for our Clipper Anvil Rollers. Scroll down to learn more!

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Our Offerings

New Rollers

Whether you are an industry expert with a clear strategy, or unsure about the best roller to meet your needs, Redwood’s highly specialized team and breadth of manufacturing capabilities is the perfect combination to develop your optimal roller.

Redwood’s polyurethane machines are capable of handling projects big and small, with continuous casting at flow rates as high as 75lb/min. Our manufacturing facilities can build cast urethane rollers up to 60″ diameter and 144″ in length, and rubber lagging rollers up to 46″ in diameter and 167″ in length.

Custom sizes, crowning, and grooving are available upon request.

Material Analysis & Compound Matching

Upon request, Redwood offers material analysis and compound matching for your existing rubber and urethane rollers. We offer compound matching for a wide variety of materials and properties, including anti-static, fire retardant, and non-stick coatings.

Safety is the utmost priority for all businesses. That’s why Redwood offers the inclusion of fire retardant anti-static (FRAS) additives for your polyurethane rollers to help prevent ignition-causing sparks.

Guide Rollers

Fast Delivery

Redwood’s fast delivery service will ensure that your rubber or urethane roller arrives exactly as expected. Our dedicated team of shipping and logistics personnel will work tirelessly to ensure that your business stays ahead of schedule and maintains seamless operations. When an urgent roller solution is required, Redwood’s emergency turnaround delivery will ensure that your business doesn’t miss a beat.


Technical Support

Since 1971, Redwood has prided itself on finding innovative solutions that reduce downtime and improve safety so you don’t have to. From the first call to the after-sale care, our team of over 200 employees are always committed to going the extra mile to ensure your needs are met every step of the way.

From core builds, to crate builds, to fiberglass sleeve builds, Redwood’s team of experts are always available to help you discover a cost-effective solution for your application no matter its complexity.


Roller Repairs

To ensure your rollers are in the best condition to meet the needs of your business, Redwood offers repairs to your existing rubber and urethane rollers. Redwood’s team of expert technicians will work with you every step of the way to help identify a cost-effective repair strategy that minimizes downtime and restores your rollers to its original performance.

Redwood offers several repair types for your rubber or urethane rollers, including core, journal, shaft, and crate repairs.



Rent our Clipper Anvil Rollers!

Redwood Plastics & Rubber is proud to offer our Redco-a-Roller Rental Program* for our clipper anvil rollers! We believe customers want flexibility, and we are providing the means to do so. We offer spare rollers in-stock, dedicated crates for containment, and 1-year rentals.

  • Old core recoats
  • New cores
  • NDT Testing
  • New crates
  • Grooving
  • Crowning
  • Dual Durometer
  • Material Analysis


*For the full details of our Redco-a-Roller Rental program, visit   |   |   North America 1-833-381-1995

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