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Redco 80A

More pliable than harder urethanes, Redco™ 80A possesses high shock and vibration tolerances resulting in a material ideal for a variety of applications.

FEATURES: Strong, Oil Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Impact Resistant
Durometer Hardness: 80A
Standard Color: Orange



Shock and vibration pads, roll covers, flex couplings, wear parts, impellers, gate valves, flotation cell parts, valve seals, cable sheave liners, deflector plates, belt scrapers, seals, couplings, washers, impact wear pads,  liner plates, pump liners, stabilizers, carry over wheels, feed wheels, etc.



Redco™ 80A Shovel Door Bumpers & Bumper Pads

Shovel-Door-Bumper    80A-bumper-pads

Redco™ 80A Cushion Pads & Rollers

Redco-80a-cushion-pads     80A and steel rollers