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Dynamex™ Bridge Bearing Pads

Securing Vital Infrastructure

The Redco™ Dynamex™ product series consists of rubber and polyurethane-based engineered load-bearing products for construction and industrial design applications. Redwood Plastics is the exclusive manufacturer of Redco™ Dynamex™ Elastomeric Bearings for Bridges and Structures.

Typical Applications: Elastomeric bridge bearings, dynamic spring isolators, dampening systems, shock and vibration isolation, water tower lid seals, masonry pads, handrail shims, pads between structural steel beams, girders, and columns, pads between bridges, roof, beams and substructures, railway-tie pad applications, building envelope connections, expansion joint systems, and more!

Redco™ Dynamex™ products conform to CAN/CSA, AASHTO, AREMA and OPSS standards, and are available in a wide range of configurations. We provide comprehensive product support through mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry, and manufacturing excellence. Contact us for a quotation.

Dynamex™ Plain Bearing Pads

Commonly used in bridge, railway, building and isolation applications. Dynamex™ Plain Bearing pads are manufactured from virgin Natural Rubber (polyisoprene) and are available in various durometers and cold temperature ratings.   No matter the specification you require, Redwood Plastics and Rubber is capable of supplying materials to meet many different standards.

Product: Natural Rubber

Colour: Black

Duro: 60A and 55A (Other formulations on request)

Format: Sheets & Cut-to-Size, including hole patterns

Dynamex™ Slide Bearings

Dynamex™ Bearings can include a PROTEF™ (PTFE) top layer that gives the bearing a sliding surface. PTFE pads are best used in applications characterized by high horizontal movements. A stainless steel layer that serves as a bonding substrate is typically required between the PTFE and elastomer.

Product: Structurally-Reinforced Bearing Rubber

Colour: Black


Designation: Improved Steel Reinforced

Duro: 54D (PTFE), 55A, 60A (Elastomer)

Format: PTFE Bonded

Dynamex™ LOAD+

Dynamex™ LOAD+ fiber reinforced rubber pads are structural bearings with high stiffness. They are commonly used in applications involving higher load requirements and less rotational needs. Consisting of high-strength, weather resistant elastomers and vulcanized with synthetic reinforcing fibres, they boast an Ultimate Compressive Strength of 14,500psi.

Product: Random Oriented Fibre Reinforced Bearing Pad

Colour: Black


Designation: ROF, Fibre Reinforced

Duro: 75 +/-5

Format: Strips & Cut-to-size

Dynamex™ Rainguard

Dynamex™ Rainguard is a flexible, nylon-reinforced neoprene profile that satisfies the required movement criteria and compresses without damage during the full cycle of joint closure. The Rainguard system collects and drains excess amounts of moisture through an optional drain tube that exhibits similar flexibility. The block out or under slab versions can be used as a secondary back up to any expansion joint system in today’s marketplace. Dynamex™ Rainguard can be custom manufactured to fit your dimensional requirements.

Product: Nylon-Reinforced Neoprene

Colour: Black

Duro: 70A

Format: 1/16”, 1/8” and ¼” thickness

Dynamex™ Joint Seals

Dynamex™ Joint Seal was designed to accommodate movements and provide a watertight seal for variations in joint widths through compression and tension. Manufactured with a low-density closed cell EVA polyethylene copolymer, the seal is bonded into place with a two-part, modified epoxy adhesive. Grooves are placed along the edges to ensure an enhanced bond is achieved.

Product: Cross-Linked Nitrogen Blown Joint Seal

Colour: Beige

Duro: 46

Format: Low Density, Closed Cell

Dynamex™ Shim Spacer

Dynamex™ Shim Spacers are a manufactured, multi-polymer plastic specifically formulated for use in the construction industry as a bearing and shimming material. Shims are commonly used for hollowcore slabs, architectural precast cladding panels, pre-stressed concrete walls, floors, and structural components which are perfect for leveling and accurate placement.

Product: Manufactured Multi-Polymer Plastic

Colour: Black

Duro: 80-94

Format: Strips & Cut-to-size