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Redco™ Green Stars

Keeping Operations Moving

Recycling plants rely on “recycling stars” or “recycling discs” to sort material through screens. The standard black rubber recycling stars degrade due to wear, continuous collisions, and impact, resulting in costly downtime and maintenance repairs.

Redco™ Green Stars™, made from polyurethane, are proven to last 2-3x longer in primary impact zones and up to 5x longer in secondary zones. Helping recycling plants keep their operations moving and reduce costly maintenance!

Unlike traditional recycling stars, the Redco™ Green Star™ formula was made to resist wear and stress in MRF applications. With our strong partnerships with multiple MRFs, we tested our Green Stars over two years and found incredible success with them. Now, our customers are continuing to choose Redco™ Green Stars™  as they are proved to reduce maintenance and save costs for their facilities.

Redco™ Green Stars Core Advantages

Highly Resistant

Enhanced resistances to impacts, wear, and heat

3x the Lifespan of Traditional Black Rubber

Reduces maintenance and replacement costs every year

Versatile Design

Available in standard molded configurations and custom solutions to best fit your needs

Redco™ Green Stars Case Studies

» Waste Management

As one of Washington’s largest trash and recycling companies, Waste Management (WM) sort through thousands of recycled materials in their Woodinville plant each day. WM used recycling stars to sort and move materials, but like other recyclers, their stars were wearing out in a few months, leading to costly maintenance and replacement fees.

WM reached out to see if Redwood could help. We performed a trial with WM to see if our Green Stars™ prove to last far longer than their black rubber stars. They did and now the Green Stars™ are now fully in circulation across their facility.

“I was amazed at the lifespan of these green stars vs the normal black rubber stars, the durability was really good.”

Lee Gronemyer, MRF Maintenance Manager

» Urban Impact

Urban Impact is one of the biggest recycling centres in Vancouver, BC. Like all recycling plants, Urban Impact relied on recycling stars to move materials from one conveyor to the other. Urban Impact inquired for a more durable recycling star to help prevent costly maintenance every few months. Redwood’s team of experts worked with Urban Impact extensively over the span of a few years, developing and testing new polyurethane grades until we managed to find one that works. Tested and proven, these stars lasted twice as long as their old stars.

“Those stars lasted way longer than I thought, the part that really impressed me was how they helped my material flow over the screen deck.”

– Rod Nichols, Owner