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Reprocessed UHMW

Redco™ Reprocessed (Recycled) UHMW, is an environmentally friendly plastic for wear parts and components. Rather than throw off-cuts and trims into landfills, Recycled UHMW utilizes these to make an amazingly tough and slippery sheet. In some cases, because high grade UHMW off-cuts are utilized, customers hardly notice any property difference over standard UHMW.

Redco™ Recycled UHMW is a blend of Virgin and Reprocessed polyethylene resulting in a cost effective alternative to Virgin UHMW. Redco™ Reprocessed UHMW is recommended for wear strip applications that do not require FDA approval.

Colors: Black
Sheet Size:  48” X 120”
Sheet Thicknesses:  1/8” to 3”
(Custom colors are available)
Cut-to-Size, Fabrication and Machining is Available.  


Wear strip, channel, hold down wheels, slides, bearing blocks, wear rails, chute liners, hopper liners, wear shoes/ guides, low pressure gears, flytes, light duty pulleys, dock fenders/ pads, skate wheels, rollers, slider blocks, etc.



Redco™ Recycled UHMW Liner & Redco™ Recycled UHMW Machined Parts

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