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Marine & Ports

Rotting or corroding docks, boat components or boat accessories? Redwood has products available that decrease drag, lessen noise and vibration, are non-corrosive, have low moisture absorption, are non-rotting, non-conductive, and are slip resistant.


Dock fenders, impact pads, bearings, ramps, docks, walkways, bumpers, chutes, liners, rub rails, safety windows, convex mirrors, mirrored sheet, bridges, pile wraps, etc…





Redco™ Tuffkast Dock Fendering
Safety Concerns, Corrosion, Noise; we have the solution…

  • High Visibility
  • Better Tensile Strength
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Improved Impact Values
  • Better Compressive Strength
  • Low Coefficient of Friction (.15)
  • Higher Operating Temperatures
  • Lower Contraction Characteristics
  • PDF Brochure – Tuffkast Dock Fenders



Redco™ FRP Grating & Profiles
Redco™ FRP Grating provides durability with extremely high strength and stiffness. Due to its high load capacity it can be used with confidence in applications where wide support spans are required.
Redco™ FRP Grating is also corrosion resistant and non-conductive making it ideal for applications where electrical current or chemicals may be present. Redco™ FRP Grating is low maintenance with a low cost of installation. Click here to learn more.

  • Anti-slip Plastic
  • Non-magnetic
  • Impact Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant Plastic
  • Fire Retardant
  • Weatherproof  (Hot or Cold Environments)
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-sparking
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lightweight
  • Non-skid Surface
  • Easy to Install
  • Corrosion Resistant


Specialty Grades:
A smaller mesh pattern to prevent wheels or objects falling through the grid. Applications include; wheelchair and scooter ramps, suitcase ramps and dock walkways.Click here to learn more.

mini_mesh_dock     mini_mesh_dock2


Redco™ Guide Rollers are available in a variety of materials including; polyurethane, UHMW, nylon and rubber. Click here to learn more.

  • Various diameters
  • Various materials and durometers
  • FDA compliant materials available.
  • Operating temperatures vary by material.
  • Complete assemblies with steel inserts and pins available.


Cable Guide Rollers Redco UHMW Inner & Outer Redco 750xl self centring conveyor guide roller cw bearing


Redco™ Forklift Socks
Traditional forklift socks are low grade rubber “cold bonded” to steel forklift sleeves. This original approach would result in an early breakdown of the adhesive, cracking and delamination of the material. The intended protective socks, quickly became unsteady and unreliable. Sensitive materials need protection from the everyday risks of shipping, receiving, handling and loading regarding small and large forklifts. This proven innovative design and high performance material can mean the difference between project profit and project loss. Click here to view PDF brochure.

Fork Sock  Fork Sock


Redco™ Sheaves and Pulleys
Redco™ Nylon Cable Sheaves & Pulleys offer high load bearing capabilities (up to 4000 PSI), are lightweight, self lubricating and have a low co-efficient of friction. Redco™ Nylon is easily machined and is an outlasting, outperforming replacement for traditional metals and other plastics. A heat stabilized formulation is available for applications with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 260ºF.

Click here to learn more.

750 cable sheaves for cable ferry  Nylon MD Cable sheaves


BRAXX Permanent Non-Skid Sheet

  • Pedestrian and Industrial Applications
  • Perfect as a maintenance-free walkway platform or incline
  • Renders non-skid tape and paint obsolete
  • Material easily machined using standard woodworking tools
  • UV stabilized colors
  • Non-skid performs well in all weather conditions
  • Tactile surface for the vision impaired

Standard Sizes: 48″ x 120″  &  24″ x 48″
Standard Thickness: 1/3″



Wearlon is a water based, environmentally friendly coating that can be painted or sprayed on. Wearlon is a non-stick foul release coating that minimizes exterior maintenance and decreases drag. Wearlon is non conductive, which eliminates concern of galvanic corrosion on aluminum. Click here to view PDF brochure.

  • Easy Application
  • Water Based

Wearlon Super F-4 is the hardest in the line of Wearlon coatings, improving abrasion resistance and prolonging the life of your propeller.  It is a water based, environmentally friendly coating that can be painted or sprayed on. Wearlon Super F-4 is a non-stick foul release coating that minimizes maintenance, decreases drag and is non conductive, which eliminates any concern of galvanic corrosion on aluminum. Click here to view PDF brochure.


Redco™ Flexi Fend® has a unique leaf spring shape allowing it to flex with impact and return to shape with no permanent damage. Fenders fully recover from repeated collisions and heavy loads. Redco™ Flexi Fend® installs easily and is virtually maintenance free. Click here to view PDF brochure.
*Flexi Fend is a registered Trademark of Ultrapoly Inc.