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Sheaves & Pulleys

Lightweight & Reliable

Redco™ Nylon Cable Sheaves & Pulleys offer high-load bearing capabilities (up to 4000 PSI), are lightweight, self lubricating and have a low co-efficient of friction. Redco™ Nylon is an outlasting, outperforming replacement for traditional metals and other plastics. A heat stabilized formulation is available for applications with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 260ºF. Common applications include: V-belt pulleys, V-ribbed pulleys, cable sheaves, cable belt sheaves, and more!

Take the stress off your equipment, reduce maintenance and increase safety with Redco Nylon Sheaves & Pulleys, the industry standard for plastic sheaves and pulleys.

Redco™ Nylon Sheaves & Pulleys Features

1/7th the weight of steel sheaves

Eliminates abrasion for longer wire rope life

Reduce/eliminate lubrication requirements

Easy installation for improved safety

Ultimate Compressive Strength: 15,000 PSI

Bearing compressive strength: 4,000 PSI

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