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Virgin UHMW (Polyethylene)

Redco™ UHMW polyethylene offers a combination of high impact strength, excellent machinability and low surface friction with outstanding wear and corrosion resistance. FDA & USDA Approved, Redco™ UHMW reduces material hang ups and enhances material flow; increasing your production and your profits.
Color: Natural (white)
Sheet Size:  48” X 120”
Sheet Thicknesses: 1/8 to 3”
Rod Length: 120”
Rod Diameter:  1/2” to 8”
(Custom colors are available)
Cut-to-Size, Fabrication and Machining is Available.



Wear strip, channel, diverter arms, bearing blocks, scraper blades, wear rails, star wheels, chute liners, hopper liners, bunk pads, slider blocks, low pressure gears, light duty pulleys, dock fenders/ pads, metal detector troughs, trimmer lugs, sprockets, conveyor flights, wear shoes/ guides, forklift hose sheaves, skate wheels, rollers, hold down wheels, slides, cutting boards, etc.



Redco™ UHMW Wear Strip & Guide Rollers
sawmill-uhmw-wearstrips UHMW-rollers_pipe

Redco™ Chain Channel
UHMW-Channel   uhmw-channel

Redco™ Flexi-Fend & Outrigger Pads
flexifenduhmw     outrigger_small