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Material Handling

Reduce vibration, wear and hang-up, and decrease damage to product with Redco™ performance plastics. Vital parts on conveyors such as bearings, bushings and rollers can be replaced by Redco™ Polyurethane, Redco™ UHMW, Redco™ Nylon and Redco™ Wearlon® for optimal material movement and durability.
Replacement parts are available for conveyors, cranes, elevators, hoists, control equipment, industrial vehicles, motor vehicles, railroad cars, marine carriers, aircraft, containers and supports.



Idler wheels, belt scrapers, liners, seals, wear bars, bearings, bushings, pads, cable sheaves, chutes, wear plates, skirt boards, truck liners, sheaves, spacers, slides, bins, channel, channel inserts, etc.





Redco™ Chain Channel Inserts
Less wear on your chain, less noise and less maintenance costs without having to change out your metal channel. These inserts simply fit into your current channel. Available in C3 and C4 profiles and compatible with 81x, 81xH, 2060, 2080 and H78 chain.

Available in:
Redco™ UHMWRedco™ Titanium

Redco™ Rocket Plate – Airport Baggage Handling
rocket-plate-airport     rocket-plate

Redco™ Tivar 88® Liners (photos courtesy of Quadrant EPP)
Tivar 88 Material Handling Chute Liner courtessy of Quatrant     Tivar 88 Material Handling Chute Liner courtessy of Quatrant2

Redco™ UHMW Coal Bin Liner