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Building & Construction

Safety concerns, government regulations and environmental restrictions can all hinder the completion date of the tallest skyscraper or the smallest home project. Redco Plastic products bring solutions to a variety problems including; wear, impact, vibration and noise. Labor and material costs are saved with a variety of our products, give us a call to discuss your project and learn how plastics can bring more profits to your job site.



Cable sheaves, bushings, bearings, wear plate, wear strip, safety enclosures, elastomeric bridge bearings, dynamic spring isolators, dampening systems, safety windows/ windshields,outrigger pads, cement molds, belt scrapers, vibration isolation pads, crane float pads, boom extensions, rebar safety caps, non-slip walkways, wall paneling, pile diving cushions, concrete forms, washers, spacers, seals, expansion joint systems, etc.





Crane Cable Sheaves

Steel sheaves shorten the life of hoisting cables, corrode easily and increase the dead weight when scaling up. Faulty sheaves can cause damage to your costly equipment or be the cause of a life threatening accidents.
Don’t take chances, choose a quality Redco Nylon Sheave to keep your crew safe and keep our equipment running. Redco Nylon Sheaves have high load bearing capabilities (up to 4000 PSI), are light weight, self lubricating and have a low coefficient of friction. Redco Nylon Sheaves can increase the life of your steel cables by up to 600%.

multi-grooved-cable-sheave    Crane-Parts

Redco™ UHMW & Nylon Outriggers Pads

  • Lightweight, 1/7th The Weight Of Steel
  • Withstands Loads Up To 3000 psi
  • Retains Its Physical Properties To -80°c
  • Will Not Corrode, Rot, Or Rust
  • High Impact & Wear Resistance
  • Can Withstand Over 1,000,000 Lbs Of Compressive Load

Lighter and longer lasting than plywood or steel, Redco™ UHMW Outrigger Pads stand up to harsh weather and extreme environments to protect you and your equipment from costly accidents.
Save Time, Save Money… Save Your Strength! Click here to learn more…

outrigger-pads-machined-groove      outrigger-pads-uhmw


Redco™ Dynamex Engineered Elastomeric Bearings

Dynamex-LogoThe Redco™ Dynamex™ product series represents engineered load bearing products and devices based on rubber and polyurethanes for a variety of applications in construction and industrial design. Redwood Plastics is the exclusive design-manufacturer of Redco™ Dynamex™ Engineered Elastomeric Bearings for Bridges and Structures.
Redco™ Dynamex™ products conform to CAN/CSA, AASHTO, AREMA and OPSS standards and are available in a wide range of configurations.
We provide comprehensive product support through mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry and manufacturing excellence.

Dynamex Plain BearingsDynamex™ Plain Bearing Pads
Dynamex™ Plain Bearing pads consist solely of virgin Natural Rubber (polyisoprene). They are available in various durometers and cold temperature ratings depending on the specification required. They may be used in bridge, railway, building and vibration isolation applications. Redwood Plastics and Rubber is able to supply materials which meet specification requirements for a number of different standards.
PRODUCT: Natural Rubber
DURO: 60A and 55A (Other Formulations on Request)
FORMAT: Sheets & Cut-to-Size, Including Hole Patterns


Dynamex™ Rise-It Paver Pedestal System

paverriserThe Dynamex™ Rise-It Paver Pedestal System, is an integral part of your hardscaping installation.
Designed to fully support the load of installed pavers and foot traffic, while reducing vibration & shock, the system is tested to withstand over 2,000 lbs of load.

The main advantages of the Rise-It system are simplified and reliable installation, improved drainage and protection of critical roofing membranes and moisture barrier systems. Made from 100% Recycled Materials.


Redco™ Nylon Crane Float Pads
Redco™ Nylon Crane Float Pads can withstand high loads (up to 250 tons per pad) and function within safety limits at high and low temperatures. They are wear resistant, light weight and will not crack or shatter under load or uneven ground.
Use in combination with Redco UHMW or Urethane Outrigger Pads for the ultimate in safety and stability.


Redco™ Wear Pads, Sleeve Bearings & Bumpers
Redco™ Sleeve Bearings and Wear Pads reduce maintenance and repair interruptions in heavy cranes or lifts such as gate cranes, overhead cranes, single arm lifts and loading/unloading equipment at ports and docks. Redco™ Bumpers withstand high impact, saving costly accidents and damage.



Redco™ Pile Driving Cushions
pile-driving-padMade of Redco™ Polyurethane, Redco™ Phenolic or Redco™ Cast Nylon, these cushion pads will absorb the initial hammer shock while transferring the power into the pile. Redco™ Pile Driving Cushions reduce the tremendous wear and stress on the hammers by absorbing the shock, thereby, minimizing breakdowns and downtime.

pile-driver   pile driving pads


Redco™ FRP Grating & Structural
Redco™ FRP GRATING provides durability with extremely high strength and stiffness. Due to its high load capacity it can be used with confidence in applications where wide support spans are required.
Redco™ FRP GRATING is also corrosion resistant and non-conductive making it ideal for applications where electrical current or chemicals may be present. Redco™ FRP Grating is low maintenance with a low cost of installation. Click here to learn more…

quick-lube-station-frp     FRP-Grating-Stairs


Redco™ FRP Wall Panels
Redco FRP textured wall panels are ideal for food processing plants, hospitals, restaurants, even car washes. FRP sheet is easy to clean and keeps drywall from getting wet and damaged – no mold or fungus growth in wet environments.
Redco FRP panels are easy to install over existing wall materials such as drywall or concrete – resulting in a water-proof installation once the joints and seams have been sealed with caulking and moldings. The textured surface provides protection from abrasion and denting, keeping it looking new for years after installation.
Redco FRP is a glass fiber laminate that is lightweight, strong, and shatter-resistant with excellent physical properties. It is commonly used as wall and ceiling panels. Redco FRP also meets American FDA and Canada Agri-Food requirements for direct food contact. Click here to learn more…
frp_wall_panels  frp-wall-ceiling


Nylon Pulleys for Construction Lift


Redco™ Polycarbonate Exterior/Interior Walls


Redco™ Polycarbonate Rain Canopy