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We have built a community of inspired individuals who work in a positive environment that supports both personal and professional growth. We believe that our people are our primary assets, and we support our employees with benefits and competitive compensation with frequent extras for a job well done.
Redwood Plastics and Rubber is a leader in plastics and rubber manufacturing and distribution within North America, creating partnerships with customers and developing new, exciting ways to utilize plastics and elastomers in industrial applications. We are continually on the lookout for innovative minds that think outside the box to aid in further advancements.
Our work environments are enjoyable and highly motivational in every one of our locations, with approachable management and an impeccable work/life balance.
Our employees are proud of our outstanding traditions, and are enthusiastic to build towards our exciting future. Listed below are our current opportunities. If you believe you would make a great addition to our team please submit your resume to:



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