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Requesting a quote on a UHMW extrusion is a common request but the option of getting the part machined should not be discounted. Each type of manufacturing process has its pros and cons and a custom extrusion is not always the best method for parts where it is requested. An extrusion is best when you 1.) Have time to permit tooling and initial run manufacturing (8+ weeks) and 2.) Have a very high, ongoing volume of extrusion needed (24,000+ feet per year). If you do not require such a high amount of extrusion than machining can be an option in certain cases, particularly with larger, simple extrusions like rail caps or channel. In regards to channel, we’ve had success adapting our sawmill chain channel extrusions (commonly stocked by our branches) for different applications. A list of our channels can be found by clicking here.

Machined UHMW profiles will likely be more expensive per-piece than extruded profiles. However, the lead time will be less and you will save on tooling costs. The tooling costs of a custom extrusion – often in excess of $5,000 – can make small runs impractical. In those cases, even at a higher per-piece cost, a machined profile will save the customer money. For more information or to discuss a UHMW extrusion or machined profile contact us today.