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Redwood Plastics and Rubber is excited to announce that the company has promoted Tyler Sinclair as Redwood’s Director of Sales – US West. 

Tyler Sinclair’s promotion as Redwood’s new Director of Sales follows the company’s commitment to advancing Redwood’s presence and capabilities in the US West Region. Tyler will lead the sales vision across our Woodland and Spokane teams to accelerate growth, expand Redwood’s customer base, and establish new partnerships with both customers and vendors. 

“I am excited to take on a new challenge and lead the growth of Redwood in the US West region. I am grateful for the support and opportunities our Executive Team has given me, and also my colleagues both in Canada and in the US for supporting me over the years. I look forward to making a positive impact on our customers, employees, partners and our industry,” said Tyler Sinclair.

“Tyler has succeeded in everything he has worked on. As the leader of our Product and Market Development team, Tyler has led our company to numerous sales milestones and expanded our product lines. Tyler’s wealth of knowledge of our manufacturing capabilities, his collaborative leadership qualities, and the respect he has earned across Redwood and from our partners will serve him well in his new role as our new Director of Sales – US West,” said Dale Delmage, VP of Sales at Redwood Plastics and Rubber.  

Tyler started his career at Redwood as a Urethane Technician in 2007. He quickly took on multiple roles such as being Redwood’s machinist and admin personnel. These positions eventually led Tyler to accumulate manufacturing, industry and application knowledge, paving the way for him to land his first sales role in 2010. His exemplary success in sales led him to be Redwood’s Market Manager in 2017 where he became an industry leader in the rubber roller market and an expert in elastomer applications. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Rubber Roller Group.