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Non-Sparking Cutting Edges for Loaders & Excavation Equipment

Most loaders, bobcats and excavation equipment come equipped with a high wear cutting edge for scraping against rock, concrete and other highly abrasive surfaces. Most often these cutting edges are manufactured of high grade steel, either welded on or bolted on. These materials work very well and in most instances outwear and outlast our engineered plastic alternative for their respective use.

But occasionally an application arises when the steel or alloy materials become useless and potentially dangerous. Many drilling sites have soil reclamation contracts to clean up after they are done and this contaminated soil still has trace elements of oil, gas and other petrochemicals. This contaminated soil can easily be ignited by the spark created by a steel or alloy cutting edge grinding against rock and concrete.

Another application that can be just as dangerous is the fire hazard in a pulp mill, MDF or OSB plant as they use loaders to move wood chips and feed the mill. A spark created here can light the entire chip pile on fire and potentially incinerate the whole facility.

This is where Redco UHMW, Redco Tuffkast and Redco Polyurethane cutting edges have been implemented with great success for many of our customers. Our cutting edges will not create a spark and can be used safely without the safety concerns and dire consequences.

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