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Acrylic Fab Guide

R E D C O™   A C R Y L I C

F A B R I C A T I O N   &   M A C H I N I N G   G U I D E L I N E S

Redco Acrylic sheets can be cut, routed, drilled and machined.
Edge Preparation
Scraping, wet sanding and buffing are acceptable methods to prepare an edge finish.  Flame polishing is not recommended.
When using a sheet with coating on one side, cement to the not-coated sheet surface using the same solvent or polymerizing cements commonly used for Redco Acrylic sheet products.  For sheet with two-sided coating, solvent cementing to the hard coated surface cannot be readily accomplished due to the chemical resistance of the coating.  If solvent cementing on or to a coated surface is necessary, the coating must first be removed.
Line bending or thermoforming Redco Acrylic sheet is not recommended.
Cold Forming
Bending of the coated sheets in a generous radius can be done.  To calculate the minimum radius of curvature, multiply the thickness of the sheet to be used by 330.  Tighter radii may result in crazing or cracking of the coating and may lead to loss of abrasion resistant properties.