Acetal Fab Guide


Redco™ Acetal (aka Delrin® or POM) is easy as easy to machine as aluminum. It’s most important is to use sharp tools, specifically aluminum works well. You can achieve a mirror finish on the facing if you’ve machined it correctly. Always cut Redco™ Acetal dry, most plastics absorb water to some degree and swell slightly in the process. This could especially lead to problems with thin sections. For drilling, increase the feed and decrease cutting speed slightly.


  • The highest possible cutting speed should be chosen.
  • Optimum chip removal must be ensured so that the chips are not drawn in by the tool.
  • The tools that are used must be very sharp. Blunt tools can cause extreme heat,which results in deformation and thermal expansion.
  • The clamping pressures must not be too high as this would result in deformation of the work piece and the clamping tool would leave marks in the work piece.
  • The work piece must be adequately supported on the machine table and should lie as flat as possible.
  • High quality surfaces can only be obtained when the machine operates with low vibration.


Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont™