Acetal Fab Guide

R E D C O™   A C E T A L

F A B R I C A T I O N   &   M A C H I N I N G   G U I D E L I N E S

  • The highest possible cutting speed should be chosen.
  • Optimum chip removal must be ensured so that the chips are not drawn

    in by the tool.

  • The tools that are used must be very sharp. Blunt tools can cause extreme heat,

    which results in deformation and thermal expansion.

  • The clamping pressures must not be too high as this would result in deformation

    of the workpiece and the clamping tool would leave marks in the workpiece.

  • The workpeice must be adequately supported on the machine table and should

    lie as flat as possible.

  • High quality surfaces can only be obtained when the machine operates

    with low vibration.