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Mold Plate for forming Salmon and Halibut Patties

A local seafood processing company had been buying mold plates for forming salmon and halibut patties (very much like a hamburger patty) from the OEM in the past and needed to make some changes in the size of the patties, both in the diameter and in the thickness.

They were having some issues with the patties sticking to the molds, which were made out of Natural Acetal Sheet. We had been working with them on some other parts utilizing Neptune Blue UHMW sheet material and they wanted to utilize another “Blue” material, so we suggested Redco™ Neptune™ Slide™, to help with the sticking issue. At this point, we have made three separate molds, for different size patties and the sticking issue has been completely resolved!

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Mold Plate for forming Salmon and Halibut patties