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Choosing between industrial laminates can be more complicated than perhaps any other industrial plastic. With three base materials, five resin systems and a variety of grades for each combination – the choices can seem overwhelming. The subject is best discussed in parts and a good place to start is the three base materials, or substrates: paper, cloth and glass fabric.


The least expensive laminate, paper-based laminates have excellent electrical insulation characteristics. Paper-based grades have good machining properties. Grades include (X, XX, XXX, XP, XXP, XXXP, XPC, XXPC, XXXPC). The more “X”‘s in the designation mean more paper was involved in the manufacturing of the material.


Two types of cloth are used here, canvas and linen – canvas has better mechanical strength, linen has better machining properties. Both are used in cases where greater mechanical strength is required than paper laminates can provide. Grades include (C, CE, CYB, L, LE, LYB and LM).


Overall, glass (fiber) has the best properties of the substrates and G10 laminate specifically is one of, if not our most, popular laminate. Glass-based laminates have the best mechanical strength, electrical properties combined with low-moisture absorption. As you might expect, they are somewhat pricier than laminates with the other substrates. Grades are denoted with the prefix “G-”

Please note: the resin systems involved also play a large role in the properties of the laminate. For questions or quotation on your industrial laminate needs please contact us:


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