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More and more people are moving into more dense living spaces, such as high rises. These people don’t want to give up their pets of course, but where does your dog go to the bathroom in an urban environment? One solution has been the “pet potty” system, which traditionally was some sort of pea gravel or aggregate for pets to go to the bathroom on. Often in a designated part of the facility like a roof or courtyard. Unfortunately, while solids can be picked up off the gravel, the liquids are much harder to clean and cause hygiene issues and bad smells.

Our Woodland, WA branch has come up with a solution: the Redco Pet Potty system. For this system, our 4′ x 10′ x 1.5″ thick Redco Mini-Mesh grating is suspended in a frame and on pedestals above a washdown system. Synthetic turf is then placed on top of the grating. The end result is a spot that looks attractive and natural but is easy-to-clean. Sprinkler heads can wash the urine which flows through the synthetic grass, through the holes in the grating, and into a hidden trough below. A second washdown system in the trough below the grating ensures the liquids are sent to a drainage point. The Mini-Mesh and pedestals are resistant to common chemicals used in the cleaning of these areas. This is an excellent example of an industrial plastic solving a current need in the construction industry.

For more information on the Redco Pet Potty system or a brochure with additional pictures and details, please contact us today.