It can be challenging to produce quality components within tolerances when machining and fabricating plastic materials. Our custom plastic fabrication shops are fully equipped and we have trained and experienced plastic machinists to produce quality parts from many types of plastic materials. From intricate parts to simple cut-to-size projects, we can help you select the most optimal material for your application and produce the final parts in a timely manner.

We can design, machine, drill, mill, weld, route, and drill to produce prototypes, short runs, production runs or maintenance parts. Save time and money by utilizing our experienced plastic fabricators and plastic specialists. Request a Quote.





We have a variety of tools and processes to cut plastic materials to size or into custom shapes. We have a variety of plastic cutting processes available including CNC machining and table saws, to cut plastic sheet, rod and tube.


An integral part of our organization is the innovative, maintenance saving ideas, concepts, and Redco™ products developed by our employees, in partnership with you, our customer. Using sophisticated AutoCAD software and other engineering programs, we can custom design and manufacture virtually any component.


Every branch is equipped with a complete machine shop for single run items or for large quantity runs. CNC Machinery (mill and lathe) allows us to manufacture in-house molds for custom manufacturing. CNC Overhead Router allows us to cut precision parts. We can bend, form, cut, drill, or weld almost any plastics to your specifications.


Our newest addition for CNC Machining: Komo VR Mach II S

  • HSK 63F four pole spindle, 15 HP drive, up to 24,000 RPM
  • 12 tool automatic tool changer for faster production times
  • CNC control using GE Fanuc 210i for precision parts
  • 14.36″ Z spindle to table programmable 84″ in Y Axis 159″ X Axis
  • Cut Feed Rate of 3150″ per minute
  • Repeatability accuracy +/- .0002



There are many types of plastic materials that can be welded for repair or construction. Tanks, tank repairs, duct, drip trays and industrial piping systems to name just a few.


We represent manufacturers of almost every type of custom molding & extrusion. In partnership with our manufacturing divisions, Redwood Plastics can mold your product to exact specifications with the latest design software and the most advanced equipment. We will work with you to ensure your product or application will be a success.


Redwood Plastics has a large outside sales force that can visit you on location and help you determine the most optimal material for your application.

We also offer free on-site plastic seminars, demonstrating Redco™plastics materials and how our products can help solve many frustrations related to wear, noise, abrasion, maintenance, production and material hang ups.

On-site technical expertise and presentations are limited by location. Please contact us to schedule a meeting.