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Saw blade carriers protect large diameter saw blades (used in sawmills) from damage and also help to prevent injury while carrying the blade. These carriers are a proven solution and are available in custom sizes. Redco Urethane saw blade carriers are also very tear resistant and have a long service life.


The flexible yellow ring is made of Redco™ 430 – which has some of the best tear resistance we can mold. The handle is Redco™ 750 which is a hard 75D material. To insert a blade you simply undue the clasp, carefully place the blade in the center of the ring, and wrap the ring around the blade and clasp.

Redco™ Circular Saw Blade Carriers are also ergonomically designed to reduce injury and promote ease of use.

• Steel pin latch
• Kraft pulp friendly
• Ergonomically correct
• Flex fit
• Increases safety

Available Sizes: 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” & 26” (Custom sizes available)

Standard Color:  Safety Yellow

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