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Beautify your deck or patio with pavers and leveling Rise-It™ Pedestals.

The Rise-It™ Paver Pedestal System, is an integral part of your hardscaping installation. Designed to fully support the load of installed pavers and foot traffic, while reducing vibration & shock, the system is tested to withstand over 2,000 lbs of load.

The main advantages of the Rise-It system are simplified and reliable installation, improved drainage and protection of critical roofing membranes and moisture barrier systems.

• Easy and Fast Installation
• The Most Simplistic Pedestal System
• Install On Top of Nearly Any Surface
• Made in North America
• Dampens Sound and Vibration
• Perfect for Porcelain or Concrete Pavers
• 0” – 3” Installation Heights

Made from 100% Recycled Materials.


We’re exhibiting within the Tile Council of North America pavilion at the Coverings Show on July 7-9, 2021. Booth 3528

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(Pavers are available at a variety of hardscape suppliers)