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We are thrilled to announce that Redwood Plastics & Rubber are the recipients of the International Association of Plastic Distributers’ Environmental Excellence Award and Education Circle of Champions Award. This announcement was made at the Opening General Session of the 67th IAPD Annual Convention in San Diego, California on October 25, 2023.

The IAPD Environmental Excellence Award recognizes IAPD members who have demonstrated exemplary environmental responsibility by successfully implementing innovative sustainability practices within their operations. Redwood Plastics & Rubber has been awarded the Silver Award for its Recycling Initiative, a project that has resulted in more than 45,000 lbs of UHMW, urethane and nylon scraps being recycled in 2023. Redwood Plastics & Rubber is pleased to have achieved this accolade as a first-time applicant, and reiterates its commitment to sustainable practices through future plans to expand our Recycling Initiative to more branches and diversifying the materials we can recycle. Special thanks to Daisy Mahmoudi, Matt Wood, Matt Driver, and Martin Stuetz for their contributions to the Recycling Initiative project.

The Education Circle of Champions Award is awarded to companies that have encouraged continuing education in their organization through the creation of exemplary educational programs and curriculums. Redwood Plastics & Rubber has been awarded the Gold Award for its efforts in providing training and educational resources regarding our products, materials, and target markets, such as in-person new product demonstrations for our outside sales team members across North America. Redwood Plastics & Rubber pledges to continue investing considerable resources into training and educational programs to further enhance our team’s wide range of skillsets.

Established in 1956, the International Association of Plastics Distributers unites performance plastics fabricators, manufacturers, recyclers, resin manufacturers/distributors and service providers with the goal of increasing member profitability through the free exchange of ideas, connections, and industry information. Redwood Plastics & Rubber would like to thank the International Association of Plastic Distributors for these awards, and would like to congratulate all award winners for their achievements.