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Slippery areas at the workplace are a major hazard, that’s obvious but how do you prevent it? There are several options out there from painted coatings, to mats, to replacing the flooring with FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating. Sometimes grating and coatings don’t work and you need a customized solution and we’ll highlight three options available from us:

1.) Redco Dura Grit

The large tile at center on the picture, Redco Dura Grit is a new product of ours. Dura Grit offers a cost-effective grit surface on PVC-based matting for aggressive applications and are customizable to any application. They lock together easily and can be installed for smaller application such as eye wash stations in just minutes! The holes in the matting allow liquids to pass through and under the matting. Each tile is 1 square foot, simply let us know how many square feet you need for your quotation. Ideal for washing stations, canneries, food processing, wash down areas, agricultural processing plants, showers, or anywhere a quick and easily installed anti-slip surface can be placed on another flooring substrate. These tiles last around three years in most applications*

2.) Redco Braxx

The blue and yellow tiles in the picture, Braxx offers a very strong UHMW substrate punctuated by raised “buttons” coated in either sand (blue) or clean coal slag (yellow). This material makes excellent stair treads or high-visibility safety flooring as it can be cut into the desired shapes, as long as those shapes can be made from 3′ x 9′ sheets. Braxx was originally designed to replace tapes and painted coatings for the U.S. Military.

3.) Redco LUNS

The small black tile in the picture, Redco LUNS is an extremely versatile and premium anti-slip option. Redco LUNS is a reprocessed UHMW that has an integrated clean coal slag surface (the slag is co-cast with the molten UHMW and cannot be separated). Redco LUNS should be used in the most aggressive applications and we can supply customized segments for you, though a minimum order of (2-4) 48″ x 120″ sheets applies. LUNS was also originally designed to replace tapes and painted coatings for the U.S. Military and its first application was a U.S. military tank carrier in 1989. The floor is still in service today!

For more information of a quotation on any of these products, please contact us today.

*That statistic is an informal average supplied by the manufacturer and is by no means a guarantee.