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Redwood Plastics recently played a part in the poultry processing business. Two of their valued customers in Saskatoon have curtain trailers that they use to transport their birds. The Curtain trailers, similar to the one pictured above, run on a slider system where a cable along the top of the trailer allows the curtains to slide to the front for loading and unloading. While this system is convenient, the blocks endure heavy use and frequently wear out from the constant abuse.

Redwood Plastics offered these customers a plastic solution that outlasts other options – Redco Acetal. Redco™ Acetal provides strength, stiffness, low coefficient of friction, and dimensional stability that deliver a versatile and easily machinable material. It often exceeds the life of many parts that are traditionally metal. Additionally, custom colours and sizes are available upon request.

Another area Redwood Plastics helps the poultry transport industry is by providing a Redco Polyurethane drawer that doesn’t crack or break like other models under the constant use and washing. Redco Polyurethane combines the toughness of metal with the elasticity of rubber. It has the ability to withstand the most severe abuse, making it the ideal material for poultry drawers which are washed often.

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