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Clear plastic health guards aka “sneeze guards” have become ubiquitous at many retailers as businesses work to improve safety for their customers and employees during the COVID19 pandemic. With this has come the unprecedented demand for these guards, which has resulted in some material shortages.

The question that must be asked is “does every business require a health guard as their personal protective equipment?” As always, we ask you to do your own research and abide by all governmental guidelines as well as any guidelines set by your respective industries. However, if you have some flexibility there are excellent PPE options besides just the solid guards.

1.) Redco Face Shields

Available as a full mask with elastic fastening and foam cushioning, these masks provide what is essentially a “personal health guard” for your face and are portable and affordable. We also make our own PVC face shields for use with safety glasses (they also work with regular glasses). These are typically available with a 3-5 business day lead time to ship.

2.) Redco Flexible Vinyl

In the mad rush to obtain PPE, flexible vinyl has been overlooked as an option and is especially beneficial to a business on a budget or when a hanging barrier is an option. Lightweight and strong, this product is ideal for a simple hanging guard.

For more information on these products or other Redco COVID19 solutions contact us today.