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We often discuss the uses of engineered plastics in industries such as construction, mining and sawmills. However, plastics are important in a number of industries that might not come quickly to mind – the medical sector is one. Some of the more popular plastics include:


One of the best plastics for steam and hot water resistance, polysulfone is excellent for materials where repeated sterilization is required. It can tolerate operating temperatures up to 300 degrees fahrenheit and is available in amber and white color.


An extremely robust plastic resistant to steam with an operating temperature to 356F. Ultem retains excellent dimensional stability, is inherently flame resistant and even resistant to gamma radiation. It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.


A popular high-performance plastic in the rugged oil and gas industry, it might seem somewhat strange that PEEK would work so well in an industry that relies on cleanliness and delicate instrumentation. However, PEEK is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and has phenomenal dimension stability up to 480 degrees fahrenheit.

There are other plastics that serve the medical industry every day.

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