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Cities & Municipalities

Transportation, Roads and Highways
Wear and material hang-up are costly. Redco™ Plastic products are durable, reduce wear, and withstand high impact and pressure. Easy liner installation or paint on applications provide long term benefits to prolong the life of truck boxes, semi trailers, haul truck boxes and train boxcars. Click here to view PDF brochure.

redco-bus-curb-protectionRedco™ Bus Curb
Reduce Street Curb and Transit Curb Damage

Redco™ CURB COVER is a virtually unbreakable bumper system that eliminates damage to concrete curbs and bus tires at transit stations. Click here to view PDF brochure.

Redco™ Plastic products are rust resistant, non-corrosive, and wear resistant; designed to protect and prolong equipment life. Keep life-cycle costs and environmental impacts down by replacing metal pipes, concrete containers, scraper blades and sprockets with Redco™ Plastic products. Click here for more information.

Waste Management & Recycling
Keep production moving and increase part life with Redco Products. Rubber and metal products may not be the most optimal material in your equipment which can increase maintenance costs and downtime. Do you have a part wearing prematurely? Give us a call and we can help determine if a different material is better suited for longer wear life. Click here for more information.

School and Municipalities need materials that will withstand the test of time with little maintenance. Redwood Plastics supplies tough plastic materials that can outlast steel, wood and rubber, saving maintenance and renovation costs. There are a large variety of plastic materials available for an endless list of applications including walkways, wall cladding, security applications, skylights, learning centers, etc…

Safety concerns, government regulations and environmental restrictions can all hinder the completion date of the tallest skyscraper or the smallest home project. Redco Plastic products bring solutions to a variety problems including; wear, impact, vibration and noise. Labor and material costs are saved with a variety of our products, give us a call to discuss your project and learn how plastics can bring more profits to your job site. Go to our Construction Solutions page.

Cement & Asphalt
Prolong the life of your steel and aluminum chutes or replace bearings, hoppers and scrapers with Redco™ Plastic Products for durable, non- corrosive, rust resistant products that reduce wear, noise, vibrations and withstand high impact and pressure.
Applications: Chute liners, belt scrapers, hanger bearings, etc.