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Building & Design

Plastics are becoming increasingly popular in architectural designs. The capabilities of plastics suggest a potential to reshape construction and the roles of architects and engineers. Plastics push the limits of traditional designs and bring new creative structures for both indoor and outdoor projects.
Redwood Plastics offers materials that endure the most severe weather systems, are UV protective, anti-glare and impact resistant. We have materials available for indoor and outdoor structures, building facades, columns, wall panels, dividers and ceiling panels. Designer plastic panels are also available.
Redco Plastic products are also available for the construction industry. Please visit our Construction Solutions page.



Redco™ Polycarbonate Rain Canopy

Redco™ FRP Wall Panels
Redco™ FRP textured wall panels are ideal for food processing plants, hospitals, restaurants, even car washes. FRP sheet is easy to clean and keeps drywall from getting wet and damaged – no mold or fungus growth in wet environments.
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Redco™ Polycarbonate Exterior/Interior Walls
Redco™ Prismagrate Walkways, Stairs & Platforms
Redco™ Acrylic Blocks