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Edit February 2020: This product is a short-term solution meant to replace OEM mirrors for a few days or weeks until the OEM mirrors can be replaced. The issue is the mirrored surface scratches and de-laminates easily. This product was intended as a short term replacement as some mines that came to us said if a mirror broke the truck had to stop dead in its tracks until replaced, which could be a major barrier to production. The mirrors are not intended for long term replacement.

In few other industries is equipment subjected to so much abuse as the mining industry. Materials with weak properties just don’t cut it! One piece of equipment that gets overlooked (until it fails) are mirrors for trucks in the mining industry. Years ago we were approached to assist in finding a solution for a mine as their truck mirrors were cracking and breaking due to impact and vibration stopping the truck dead in its path. It ended up being a fairly straightforward product – mirrored polycarbonate. The polycarbonate comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets, given your measurements (length, width and corner radius) we can fabricate a mirror. To replace a broken mirror you simply take the broken piece out of the gasket set up and slide in our mirror. Polycarbonate is incredibly impact resistant and works very well in this application. We’ve supplied them as far away as Ukraine. In fact, they’re so popular that our Vancouver branch keeps a small stock of certain sizes as inquiries continue to flow in.

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