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premium solutions 2The timber processing industry is the core of Redwood Plastics. To serve the industry with performance plastic solutions was the reason Redwood Plastics was formed and 42 years later those industries remain our core. Some sawmill solutions we offer are fairly common – UHMW wear guides, sprockets, bushings and bearings – however we do offer some premium solutions that stand out for their high-performance and exceptional properties.

We recently ran an ad on these materials but wanted to provide details on our line and their benefits to the timber processing industry.

Redco™ Deadplate: A specialty formulated urethane low on the durometer (hardness scale) specifically designed to reduce noise and damage to equipment in sawmills. Deadplate is an energy absorption elastomer and is designed to take the impact of logs and lumber as it slides down machinery. This protects the machinery from shock, eliminates rebound and has the additional advantage of reducing noise. As an elastomer, Deadplate will always return to its original shape following impact.

Redco™ Titanium Chain Channel: The standard yellow UHMW chain channel is well known in the sawmill industry. These channels not only reduce wear on the chains, extending chain life, but they reduce power consumption and save money. Many clients are surprised to learn that these channels are available in Redco™ Titanium which is the premium extrusion of UHMW available. It has the lowest coefficient of friction of any UHMW and the best dimension stability. It quite simply is an overall upgrade on the traditional channel and is well worth the investment.

Redco™ Chain Bed: Made of premium PVM grade cast nylon (Pressure-Velocity-Maximum) chain bed is used in conjunction with sharp chain reducing lubrication requirements approximately 75% and significantly increases the life of the chain. The bed is precision machined to ensure maximum efficiency and is easy to install. Chain bed is also available in Tivar-88.

Other performance products include:

Redco™ Dissipator Channel: helps to stop the crystallization of welds and extends equipment life. It can take large impact from heights and uses engineering grade polyurethane.

Redco™ Snap-It Sprockets: Easy to install, Snap-It sprockets are intended for idler applications and are less expensive than steel. By greatly reducing chain wear they extend the life of equipment, reduce noise and help increase production.

Our new brochure for our performance solutions can be accessed here.

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