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Progressive Planet Products is a CleanTech and manufacturing company that creates eco-conscious products using critical low-carbon and carbon-sequestering solutions derived from owned minerals. Progressive Planet’s vertically integrated manufacturing model is based around the ownership and operation of millions of tons of specialty mineral reserves, including diatomaceous earth, zeolite, and calcium bentonite. These specialty minerals are transported to Progressive Planet’s central manufacturing site in Kamloops, British Columbia where they are transformed in-house into products for agriculture, animal, and industrial sectors. These products vary from cement, insecticide, cat litter, and soil conditioner.

Agreement with Redwood

In 2014, Progressive Planet reached an agreement with Redwood to replace their original carbon steel pipes responsible for moving high quantities of minerals. Progressive Planet’s carbon steel pipes had lasted only 18 months due to its harsh and abrasive application. Progressive Planet had sought a Canadian, solution-based company that can help them with their carbon steel pipe issue. Thanks to their willingness to go the extra mile, Redwood was selected as Progressive Planet’s problem solver and supplier.

Redwood’s Solution

Redwood’s solution was to supply Progressive Planet with pipes made from Redco 430™  (90A) urethane, Redwood’s most commonly used material. Redco 430™ (90A) urethane’s strength lies in its long-lasting wear-life and versatility.  From wear pipes, impellers, shock pads, and valve gates, Redco™ 430 (90A) urethane succeeds in a wide range of applications. Not only that, Redco™ 430 (90A) urethane boasts resistances to weather, cuts, impingements, and impacts, making it perfect for a tough environment like Progressive Planet’s where high abrasion resistance is required.

For Progressive Planet, the difference between their old carbon steel pipes and Redwood’s Redco™ 430 (90A) urethane pipes were like night and day. Unlike their original carbon steel pipes which lasted only 18 months before wearing out, the Redco™ 430 (90A) urethane pipes have been a mainstay in Progressive Planet’s manufacturing site for over 9 years and counting. To this day, Progressive Planet regards Redwood as one of their top solution-based suppliers thanks to the success of the Redco 430 (90A) urethane pipes, as well as Redwood’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Redwood?

The case of Progressive Planet reveals the benefits of high-quality, robust materials that can stand up to the tough environments in the mining industry. With the help of Redwood’s team of experts, Progressive Planet found a solution that reduced maintenance costs and increased the safety of their manufacturing site. Redwood can manufacture custom urethane products to help solve wear issues in any industry and our team of experts are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Give us a call to learn how Redwood’s diverse product line and collective expertise can help you find a long-lasting solution for your business.