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Reduce Supply Chain Headaches with Local Suppliers 

Custom Vac Services Ltd. is an Alberta-based manufacturer and supplier of custom-built vacuum equipment, products, and services. First established in Leduc, AB, Custom Vac Services has experienced strong growth that has led to numerous business expansions, including a state-of-the-art 38,000 sq/ft manufacturing and parts facility in Nisku, AB. Custom Vac Services’ business model emphasizes constant improvements to their manufacturing processes in order to expand their capabilities and meet the unique demands of their customers more efficiently.

Localizing Supply Chains

Custom Vac Services sought a new supplier for two different types of extruded rubber door seals for their fleet of trucks. Custom Vac Services’ existing supply chain involved a supplier who imported their current extruded rubber door seals directly from an oversees manufacturer. While this partnership was relatively cost-effective, travel delays made it logistically challenging to regularly ship the rubber seals. Redwood’s team identified an opportunity to solve this problem by putting its vast extrusion capabilities to work and forming an all-Canadian partnership with Custom Vac Services.

Redwood’s Solution

Thanks to Redwood’s diverse extrusion capabilities, we were able to manufacture the extruded rubber door seals Custom Vac Services needed for their fleet. Although Redwood’s team successfully navigated the manufacturing process, competing with the existing supplier’s price was still required to secure the bid. After minor adjustments to our processes, we were able to provide an attractive price to our customer and gain the opportunity. This Canadian partnership between Redwood and Custom Vac Services remains strong as both parties are in discussion to continue assisting each other with new equipment, parts, and services.

If you have any questions or inquiries about how to localize your supply chains, contact us. We would be glad to help.