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What’s in a color?

This fall we started selling Redco™ ZL 900 Blue®. The name sounds “fancy” but it really just refers to standard acetal that we now sell in the color blue. No new properties, heat tolerances, or anything else.

So why does this matter?

Redco™ ZL 900 Blue® was developed specifically for the food processing industry. Blue, as it turns out, is the rarest of all food colors and thus, were blue plastics to ever contaminate food, blue would be very visible. Turns out this is extremely important as many customers would purchase more expensive higher-grades of acetal (available in blue) just to get that color they needed.  It was not cost-effective for some customers, whose applications really only required standard acetal copolymer.

So while Redco™ ZL 900 Blue® might be a simple solution to a problem, it is also a very important one. Those food processors will now be able to save money by using the regular blue acetal and for the record – it is FDA and USDA compliant. The manufacturer markets the product with the line “…When all you need is the color blue.” That describes the solution effectively in our opinion.

That said, premium blue acetal is still available. Known as Redco™ ZL 900 XMD AB® this high-grade acetal is sapphire blue in color, is metal detectable and antimicrobial. It does require a custom run but is definitely worth the investment for certain applications where standard acetal does not have the required properties.

For your next food processing application consider Redco™ ZL 900 Blue®. For more information on this product, other acetal grades, or any other of Redwood Plastics’ many products don’t hesitate to contact us.


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*ZL 900 Blue® and ZL 900 XMD AB® are registered trademarks of ZL Engineering Plastics Inc.