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shutterstock_114856204 (1)Safety is one of the most important concerns on any job site. That’s why it’s mandatory that anyone on a site wears a hard hat. These plastic protectors are the ubiquitous symbol of safety, and are trusted all over the world as an effective way to protect your most important asset.

Are we forgetting something? Oh yes. Hard hats are made of plastic. Durable, hard, protective, strong plastic.

So if you trust that plastic is strong enough to protect your head, why are you still doubting that it’s strong enough to replace traditional construction materials?

While we may shy away from plastics being used to replace steel in certiain applications, there is no doubt that plastics are a lower maintanace and highly effective materials for a wide range of uses. We trust reinforced plastics every day to protect our heads, and that is exactly why we want to encourage plastics uses in a wide array of industries.

Still not sure about the uses of plastics to replace traditional construction materials? Well the past decade has seen a significant increase in the uses of plastics in building and construction, replacing materials such as wood and steel in applications such as Fibreglass building panels, structural shapes, and pultruded grating. See what else plastics can protect – after all, it already protects your head.