Polycarbonate Mirrors for Mining Trucks

Back in October of 2012 Redwood Plastics was approached by a mining company located in Ukraine. The OEM mirrors on their mining trucks were shattering due the tough work environment and we were asked to help. High-quality plastic mirrored material is available in both Acrylic and Polycarbonate. Acrylic is easier to take care of , more resistant to certain solvents and does not scratch as easily as Polycarbonate; however, Polycarbonate has incredible strength. Acrylic is about 8x as strong as glass but Polycarbonate is around 250x as strong. Due to the breaking of the current mirrors, polycarbonate was selected due to its strength.

After obtaining measurements Redwood received an order for 31 mirrors. The mirrors were to be affixed to the existing frames by the crew at the mine. This is a new application Redwood has only worked on once before but it is just part of the expanding role in the mining industry we hope to be part of. We believe these mirrors are a common sense solution to OEM mirrors that break easily when taken off the showroom and into the pit mine. The mirrors are surprisingly affordable and can be produced and shipped within a few short weeks of the purchase order.

If you work in the mining industry with large trucks, is not an inquiry on Redco™ Polycarbonate Mirrors worth a few minutes of your time? The maintenance savings in time and money over the life of these mirrors is well worth the effort.

An inquiry regarding these mirrors will be directly forwarded to Redwood’s contact who handles our Redco™ Polycarbonate Mirrors. If you are interested in these mirrors or other plastic solutions please contact us:

E-MAIL: sales@redwoodplastics.com

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