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VYPUR™ Polyurethane
Pipe Sections

Less Maintenance, Exceptional Life

Redco™ VYPUR™ Polyurethane Pipe Sections, Elbows, Flanges and Fittings are used to replace steel, HDPE and rubber-lined pipe in aggressive abrasion and corrosive applications.

100% manufactured in North America and available in a wide range of configurations, Redco™ VYPUR™ Polyurethane Pipe Sections outlast traditional piping by a factor up to 6x, saving costly downtime and maintenance expense.

Our in-house manufacturing team will work with you to create a piping solution capable of solving the toughest abrasion and pipe wear problems.

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VYPUR™ Polyurethane Pipe Section Features

Up to 105 PSI Operating Pressure

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Extreme Environments

From -60°C (-74°F) to 90°C (194°F)

Exceptional Life Expectancy

Outlasts steel up to 6x longer

1/7th the Weight of Steel

Easy to install and brace

Superior Abrasion Resistance

Excels vs. impingement and slurry abrasion

Corrosion Resistant

No painting required

VYPUR™ Polyurethane Pipe Section Applications

  • Dry Abrasives in Bulk Handling: Legumes, Sand, & Diatomaceous Earth
  • Coal Slurry & Copper Concentrate
  • Concrete Pumping & Pouring
  • Ship-loading & Bulk Transfer
  • Salt Water & Corrosive Elements
  • Wide Range of Connection & Flange Styles