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Involved in North American mining?

You know the hassle it can be to get MSHA approved materials at times. Polyurethane and UHMW are workhorses in the mining industry and MSHA need not be a barrier any longer…

VYPUR™ FRAS is a high-performance elastomer grade of polyurethane designed for applications where exceptional wear and abrasion resistance is required due to shock, vibration and impact. These properties are coupled with MSHA certified Fire Retardant and Anti-Static properties in accordance with MSHA IC-297.

Cast polyurethanes are tough, rubbery materials that can be depended upon to retain their original shape and properties for a long service life. They are cost effective and dependable elastomers that combine some of the performance advantages of engineering plastics, metals and ceramics along with the resiliency and flexibility of rubber.

VYPUR™ Urethanes are renowned for their high load bearing capacity, high impact strength, high abrasion resistance, high resilience and excellent resistance to oil and grease. Often chosen where resistance to the actions of sliding, stretching, load-bearing, impacting, cutting and tearing, compression, torsional forces, aging and oil-resistance are involved.

VYPUR™ FRAS is a specially formulated range of grades available from 85 Shore “A” through 75 Shore “D” hardness and can be molded or machined into parts of virtually unlimited configuration. Most common urethane parts can also become MSHA compliant by molding them using VYPUR™ FRAS.

– MSHA Regulated Mining Operations
-Above & below ground operations
– Port and Marine
– Rail & Transportation
– Any application where fire and flame propagation is restricted.

Typical Parts:
– Conveyor Headrig, Take-up and Idler pulleys
– Belt Cleaners, Scrapers and Wipers
– Skirtboard
– Transfer Chute Liners
– Pivot & Hanger Bearings
– Bumpers
– Conveyor load-out bars
– Cable Protectors & crossover mats
– Chain Flights
– Sprockets, Bearings & Bushings

Also of note is MSHA approved Tivar Burnguard™. This UHMW-PE grade has many applications in mining involving coal bins, bunkers, chutes, hoppers, feeders, slider beds and skirtboards. The material is UL 94V-0 registered. Burnguard also meets ASTM E-662 and Bombardier 800 standards.

If you have interest in how MSHA compliant plastics can  reduce your downtime and maintenance needs, contact Redwood Plastics today.


Many polyurethane parts can now be supplied in MSHA compliant VYPUR