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Industrial plastics have a wide-variety of valuable and interesting applications. Resource-based industries receive a lot of due attention; however, plastics have their role in  industries such as medical and nuclear as well. Perhaps no product is a better example of this than Borotron.

Redco™ Borotron is a specialized derivative of HDPE or UHMW (though UHMW is often preferred) and involves some fascinating science. The high hydrogen content of the UHMW slows down dangerous “fast” neutron emissions, which become thermalized (stable). These particles are then trapped by the Boron additive, a naturally absorptive material of neutron particles.

Traditionally, concrete has been used for this application; however, Borotron is much lighter and easier to work with while providing similar benefits. Redco™ Borotron is available in three content grades: 1.5%, 3%, and 5% respectively.  

A key highlight of this product is that despite its Boron additives, this product is still UHMW. This means Redco™ Borotron is much more than a simple radiation absorption material: it has very low moisture absorption, high impact resistance, a low coefficient of friction, excellent mechanical properties and the other advantages that UHMW provides.

Current applications include:

  • Nuclear storage/waste/transport containers and building materials.
  • Particle accelerator shielding
  • Medical doors and shielding
  • And more

Therefore Redco™ Borotron is not only an excellent solution to neutron radiation issues but a great material to work with due to its remarkable UHMW properties.

Most Un-Böring.

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